Shadow School

Three friends and their quest to unravel the secrets of Shadow School,
a strange middle school in New Hampshire.

Shadow School Phantoms

Cordelia must complete her quest to save the world of the living from the ghosts, and dangerous phantoms, who terrorize them.

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Shadow School Dehaunting

Cordelia Liu’s first year at Shadow School was a success. She studied hard and made friends. She also sent hundreds of ghosts into the afterlife, because Shadow School isn’t a normal school, and Cordelia Liu isn’t a normal girl. But her second year is already different. Ghosts are refusing to move on, the teachers are […]

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Shadow School Archimancy

Cordelia Liu knew Shadow School was going to be different. Black gates and ivied walls. Long hallways lined with old paintings. A tower with a window that looks like an eye. Different she expected; different she could handle. Still, Cordelia can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right—and that she’s being carefully watched. The answer isn’t just in front […]

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